A favorable business environment is fostered in Cuba with the approval in 2014 of Law No. 118 on Foreign Investment and its complementary regulations. To the existence of a legal, safe and transparent body that offers protection to investors, tax incentives are added, and many other advantages that invite the country to be selected as an investment place. Corporación Alimentaria, S.A., CORALSA is identified as a Cuban part in businesses with foreign investment in the Food Industry in Cuba, under the modality of mixed companies. With more than 20 years of experience it is a perfect company for those entrepreneurs who want to invest in the sector. The corporation has a broad and attractive portfolio of projects and business opportunities for foreign investment, which are based on market knowledge and the potential of Cuban industry. The fundamental objectives are aimed at the modernization of the technological establishment, the increase of productive capacities, the promotion of exports, the generation of productive chains and the satisfaction of the growing demand of the internal market. The main interests are in the development of the production of dairy products, juices, instant foods, jams and beverages, as well as the processing of soybeans for the production of oil and flour. Each project has basic information such as market potential, estimated amount of investment, objectives, expected results and a location proposal, highlighting a large number of them located in the new Mariel Special Development Zone. The business portfolio presented is dynamic and flexible, which allows opening to new proposals and negotiations that respond to mutual benefit and may be of interest. Coralsa will be a great company for your business in Cuba.


To promote integral projects that generate productive chains and encourage the efficiency of the entire chain. Excludes what concerns the capture and industrialization of lobster. Business objectives in the sector: • Generate productive chains. • Infrastructure development. • Technology transfer and management techniques. • Import substitution and increased exports. • Contribution to the economic development of the country.

Business Projects for Foreign Investment


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