With a highly qualified and committed staff, the experience accumulated during these more than two decades has allowed Coralsa today to have 11 businesses in the country, 9 of them with direct foreign investment and 2 mercantile companies of Cuban capital, which involve the industry Brewery, meat, beverage, dairy, confectionery and mill. The companies in which Coralsa participates as a shareholder are positioned and lead the domestic market, due to the presence and quality of their products, as well as the efficiency that characterizes them. Most of them distribute throughout the national territory to important clients, where hotel and store chains in the country stand out, in addition to exporting products with excellent quality such as water and soft drinks, cocoa butter, beers, Ice cream and wheat flour. An approximate level of 450 Million CUC at wholesale prices is billed annually among Coralsa-associated companies, with an average profit rate of 20 cents per sale weight. Exports are executed for a value close to one million dollars and the dividends of the corporation range from 70 million CUC.


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