• By: Latin Press
  • Publication date: 07/07/2019

Construction phase of jam factory between Cuba and Slovakia begins

The civil construction and technological installations of a modern jam factory have already started in the town of Caibarién province of Villa Clara, the result of an agreement between Cuba and Slovakia. The actions in the industry, located in this municipality 50 kilometers away from Santa Clara, capital of the Cuban province of Villa Clara, are in charge of foreign and Cuban experts. According to the schedule, the confectionery industry should start producing from the last quarter of 2020. The Slovak businessman Pavol Kozik, president of Proxenta, a firm that together with the national Corporación Alimentaria S.A. (Coralsa), undertake the work, told the press that the investment is planned for an amount of 40.9 million pesos. He added that this mixed company will be equipped with the most modern technology, which will allow the delivery of products for the Cuban market and for export. The industry, the most modern in the country of its kind, will be assembled within the area currently occupied by the current Caibarién Confectionery with more than 40 years of operation and most obsolete equipment for various productions. The director of the current Confitera Caibarién, Ángel Espinosa, explained that under the name of Proxcor S.A, the modern factory will have five production lines, in which the traditional sorbet will be maintained, now in different formats covered with fruit and dipped in chocolate. For his part, the director of the Center Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, Mario Carbonell, highlighted the great importance of this agreement, since after passing Law 118 on Foreign Investment, in 2014, this is the First joint venture incorporated in the territory. The businessmen Pavol Kozik (Slovak) and Mario Carbonell (Cuban) agreed that the interest of both countries in the construction of this industry is a demonstration that the island is a safe place for investment despite what the Title differs III of the Helms-Burton Act.


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